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$286 per sale

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Promote the World’s First AI Platform That 

Ushers You into a New Age of Content Creation, 

Marketing, and Revenue Generation!

Preloaded With 100 Subaccounts That Your Customers Can GIVE AWAY & SELL For Instant Profits…

No Expertise Required, No Hefty Price Tags Attached!

Prelaunch Starts

21st August 11am ET/NY

Webinar Starts

24th August 10am ET/NY

Launch Starts

24th August 10am ET/NY

Launch Ends

28th August 11:59pm ET/NY



AIdvantage is a powerful AI platform with a profitable agency model that will have you earning recurring income every month from your OWN AI platform to sell or give away.

  • 100 sub-accounts to sell and keep ALL the profits
  • Effortlessly generate Q&A content, perfect for answering customer queries or sparking engagement.
  •  Create engaging ads for your product, service, or page.
  • Simplify video creation with AI-assisted scripting and editing.
  • Establish robust marketing frameworks to optimize your promotional campaigns…
  • Manage social media content with ease, thanks to our wide range of content generation options…
  •  Cut ties with all your expensive, hard-to-use tools and services…
  • Bid farewell to recurring monthly fees…
  • Commercial license included – Generate and sell as many assets as you like to clients…
  • Optimize your content for search engines to drive organic traffic.
  • Improve or rewrite existing content, with options to simplify, summarize or create complex output.
  •  Craft essential company documents, like customer reviews, elevator pitches, taglines and mission statements.
  • Create compelling lead-generation content to attract new customers.
  • No hidden fees or any extra expenses…
  • Completely web-based - nothing to download, install or customize – get started in seconds…
  • We've got you covered with our iron-clad 14-day money-back guarantee...say farewell to recurring monthly fees…
  •  User-friendly, easy-to-use dashboard for novices and veterans alike...

How Does AIdvantage Work?


Generate Content

Hit the 'Generate' button, and watch as our AI genie grants your every content wish.


Log In

Log in and effortlessly access the intuitive dashboard...


Publish & Profit

Elevate your business, soaring to new heights with increased leads, sales, and profits.

See How Easy It Is to Use AIdvantage

Why Promote AIdvantage?

  • The global AI market was valued at $327B+ in 2021.
  • Nearly 45% of organizations believe ​​AI will improve remote work.
  • Roughly 44% of companies that implemented AI report a reduction in business costs.
  • Almost nine out of 10 organizations (87%) believe AI will give them an edge.
  • Over half of executives (54%) say AI increased productivity in their businesses.
  • Seven out of 10 consumers believe AI can make their lives better.
  • Executives expect AI to:
  • Deliver more efficient business processes (74%).
  • Create new business models (55%).
  • Enable the creation of new products and services (54%).
  • The global AI market is expected to reach half a trillion dollars by 2024.
  •  AI could contribute up to $15.7 Trillion to the global economy by 2030. Of this, $6.6 Trillion will come from increased productivity alone.
  • Roughly 72% of business leaders feel optimistic about AI’s role in the future.
  •  Most people believe AI will help solve problems that plague modern societies (63%) and help people live more fulfilling lives (59%).

High Converting Funnel


AIdvantage Commercial



AIdvantage PRO



AIdvantage Unlimited








AI Domination Course

AIdvantage Resell

AIdvantage Agency

  • 1000 personal use credits
  • 100 sub-accounts (100 credits) 
  • Q&A
  •  Answer the question
  •  Frequently Asked Questions
  •  General questions
  •  List of questions and answers
  • Ads
  •  Ad headlines
  •  Ad copy
  •  Marketing ideas
  • Video Creation
  •  Video Script Description
  •  Video Script Hook
  •  Video Script Intro
  •  Video Script Outline
  •  YouTube Titles
  • Marketing Frameworks
  •  AIDA Framework
  •  PAS Framework
  •  BAB (Before, After, Bridge)
  •  FAB (Feature, Advantage and Benefits)
  •  4P’s (Promise, Picture, Proof, Push)
  •  PASTOR (Problem, Amplify, Solution, Transformation, Offer, Response)
  •  QUEST (Qualify, Understand, Educate, Stimulate and Transition)
  •  ACCA (Awareness, Comprehension, Conviction, Action)


  • Create Checklists
  •  Share publicly or via PDF
  • Workflows: 
  •  Brand Identity Buildup
  •  Target Market Research
  •  Competitive Landscape Research
  •  Social Media Domination
  •  Marketing Consultant
  •  The Advertiser
  •  Brainstorm Session
  •  The Copywriter
  •  The Video Marketer
  • Webinars
  •  Webinar Content Ideas
  •  Webinar Titles
  •  Webinar Call-To-Action
  •  Introduction Script
  •  Webinar Presentation Script
  •  Webinar Q&A Script
  •  Webinar Problem-Solving Session
  •  Webinar Case Study Script
  •  Webinar Live Product Demo Script
  • Page Copy
  •  Sales Page Copy
  •  Landing Page Copy
  •  Squeeze Page Copy
  •  Thank You Page Copy
  •  Webinar Page Copy
  •  Upsell Page Copy


  • Unlimited credits


  • Unlimited Sub-accounts
  • DFY Business Website:
  •  All Website Pages Created with content
  •  Add Business Clients Testimonial
  •  Add Featured Samples of Business Services Offered
  •  Custom PayPal Checkout Integration
  • DFY Sales Proposal
  • DFY Email Swipes
  • DFY Telemarketing Scripts
  • DFY Legal Contract
  • DFY Graphics Banner
  • DFY Business Cards
  • DFY FB Ads Creativity
  • DFY Rate Cards
  • DFY Letterheads
  • DFY Invoice
  • BONUS: Ready-Made Client Contracts
  • BONUS: DFY Lead Magnets
  • BONUS: 100+ DFY FB Ad + Copy Templates


  • Resell rights granted (sell AIdvantage and keep 100% of the revenue)


  • Understanding Offers and Their Components
  • Using AI to Sketch Out Offers
  • Creating a CLEAR Core Offer
  • Crafting Bonuses That Break Down Objections

OTO5-AI Domination Course



Starts on 24th August 11 am ET/NY; Ends on 26th August at 11:59 pm ET/NY



Starts on 27th August 00:01 am ET/NY; Ends on 28th August at 11:59 pm ET/NY

Minimums Applied - Individual Contest

We Can Easily Execute a 4-figure Promo for You!

Do We Reciprocate?


Neil Napier


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Dragan Plushkovski

Affiliate Manager

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Please carefully read the rules before joining this program. You agree that you are NOT allowed to use the following promotional methods if approved for this affiliate program. Doing so may result in you being terminated from the affiliate program and forfeiting any outstanding commissions.

1. Don't send Spam or using safe lists of any kind

2. Cash rebates, cash backs, gift cards or physical product incentives etc to people who buy through your affiliate link are not permitted.

3. Using negative words such as 'scam' in any promotional campaign is NOT allowed.

4. Don't misrepresent our product/offer

5. Affiliates cannot create social media pages with product name or brand name. Anyone found using "brand name", "website name" or "product images" on their Facebook Fan-page or other social platforms to promote the product without permission will be banned immediately.

6. You cannot earn commissions on your own purchase.

7. Vendor reserves the right to terminate any affiliate if found to be breaking any rules and using black-hat marketing practices to drive sales or for any other reason.

Always adhere to these FTC guidelines when promoting our products and services.



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  • Social Media
  •  Engaging Questions
  •  Facebook Post
  •  Feature to Benefit
  •  Hashtags
  •  Headlines
  •  Instagram Caption
  •  Persuasive Ideas For Social Media
  •  Persuasive Points
  •  Social Media Post Ideas
  •  Twitter Thread
  •  Unique Value Proposition
  • Improving Content
  •  Content Simplifier
  •  Content Summarizer
  •  Make Your Content Complex
  • Company Copy
  •  Customer Review
  •  Elevator Pitch
  •  Mission Statement
  •  Tagline
  • Search Engine Optimization
  •  Meta Title
  •  Meta Description
  •  Meta Keywords
  •  H1 Tag
  •  On-Page Optimization Techniques
  •  Evergreen Content Ideas
  •  Internal Linking Strategies
  • Lead Generation
  •  Lead Magnet Ideas
  •  Catchy Headlines for a Lead Magnet
  •  Lead Generation Survey Questions
  • (*1 credit = 1 creation)
  • Marketing Planning
  •  One-Month Social Media
  •  One-Month Email Marketing
  •  One-Month Content Marketing
  •  One-Month Influencer Marketing
  •  One-Month Product Launch
  •  One-Month Paid Advertising
  •  One-Month Brand Awareness
  •  One-Month Cold Calling
  • Email Marketing
  •  Email Campaigns Ideas
  •  Subject Line Ideas
  •  Personalized Follow-Up Email
  •  Personalized Welcome Email
  •  Customer Success Story Email
  •  Post-Purchase Follow-up Email
  •  Referral Program Email
  •  Re-engagement Email
  •  Influencer Partnership Email
  •  Milestone Email
  •  Webinar Invitation Email
  •  Customer Appreciation Email
  •  Win-Back Series Email
  •  New Product Announcement Email
  •  Event Reminder Email
  •  Surveys and Feedback Email